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Sweden: Trees in Snow
  • Very supportive legislation and regulations for mining
  • Transparent permitting system similar to first world countries
  • Low sovereign risk, corporate tax rate and royalties


Sweden is a country rich in resources, with a long history of mining and strong government support. The country has vast experience in exploration and production of metals including copper, gold, uranium, iron ore and zinc.


Granmuren is Drake’s greenfield nickel, copper, cobalt discovery in the heart of the Bergslagen district of Sweden which has a very long and significant mining history.


Granmuren is ‘Voisey’s Bay style mineralisation’, a substantial intrusion of massive and disseminated sulphides, mainly pyrrhotite, pentlandite and chalcopyrite hosted in gabbros and norites. Mineralisation occurs from near surface, has been tracked down to about 330m, and remains open at depth. Mineralised zones tend to occur as long intersections of lower grade material including 63.5m @ 0.30% Ni and 0.51% copper. However, high grade material is occasionally encountered such as 4.5m @ 0.81% nickel and 0.70% copper. Granmuren appears to be an extension of the Svecofinnian province which has played a long and significant part of Finland’s smelting and refining success. Scandinavian operations are both open pit and underground with typical grades of 0.25% to 1.0% nickel. Drake Resources engaged nickel experts, Mineralium Pty Ltd, to conduct a regional target review of the Company’s Bergslagen asset portfolio. 


Key findings of the report include:

  • The inferred age of Granmuren mineralisation is within an episode of Earth’s history in which many of the world’s major nickel camps were formed (1.88 – 1.86 Ga)
  • Many of Drake’s permits are near, and occasionally on, local deep structures/terrane boundaries such as the Gävle-Rättvik deformation zone; nickel deposits tend to be associated with large, crustal scale structures
  • There are abundant sulphur-bearing rocks in the regional supracrustal sequence, providing the conditions in which nickel/copper sulphides could concentrate and precipitate to form massive sulphide. 
  • Combining the above with demonstrated presence of nickel /copper occurrences across Drake’s portfolio, all point to the area having the potential to contain a world class nickel camp.


In addition to Gramuren itself, Drake has a dominant land position in the Bergslagen region.